Nasrun Min’Allah Bunga Lima

Salip Harun with Saym
Saliph Harun and Saym

Bunga Lima (not a style) is an inclusive Tausug Moro term, to describe the diverse fighting/combat arts, distinctively indigenous to the Tausug (Moro) Warriors (of the Philippines), developed and evolved through centuries of wars and conflicts.

Halman, Pirates of the Sulu Sea
Halman in the History Channel’s Raiders of the Sulu Sea documentary





Nasrun Min’Allah Bunga Lima continues to evolve through physical practice (combative empty hands and bladed weapons versus multiple opponents) and esoteric awakening, that is proudly preserved, but is shared in a traditional (non-commercial) manner – in secret – to the select, by the

brother ishan
Ishan (David) doing a seamless Panayaman practice

Nasrun Min’Allah Brotherhood (a peace-loving camaraderie of student-friends of the late Salip M. Harun “utoh” Ladja).

Photo taken by a passer by, during the intensity of NM BL knife fight practice
AnakSug (Halman) and SoulGuru (Justin) during an intense NM Bunga Lima knife fight practice.

The NM Brotherhood intends to share, to the public, a glimpse of the boundless awakenings and self-expressions through posts of video clips, blogs and responding to questions.

Nasrun Min'Allah Brotherhood
Nasrun Min’Allah team during the FMA Forum Gathering, University of the Philippines Diliman, March 2007.

Peace, respect, salute and friendship to all visitors.

Nasrun Min’Allah Brotherhood






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